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Brshi — BHU YOGA Natural Darbha Kusha Grass Yoga Mat, Meditation Mat with anti-skid Rubberised Backing
Reconnect with the earth with the Brshi from Bhu Yoga — a natural handwoven darbha grass yoga mat. Darbha grass, a sacred grass in India, has been the material of choice for ancient ascetics, sages, and the earliest yogis for their...
Terracotta Chai Kulhad (Indian Clay Tea Cups)
Enjoy the best cup of tea earth has to offer, the star of every Indian tea shop—the kulhad. These Indian clay tea cups, made from terracotta, are made by expert potters keeping their Kumbhar tradition alive. There is something magical about having...
from £12.00
Ataranj Pehla — 8 inch Handcrafted Brass Spice Box Masala Dabba
Elevate your kitchen with the glow of brass. Handmade in India, this pure brass spice box is engraved with traditional floral motifs. 8 inches wide, the masala dabba comes with 7 containers and a spoon. Tradition marries a contemporary brushed...
Rohira - Hand Painted Chai Kettle Teapot in Orange, Gold, & Blue
Use it as an accent piece in your home decor or pour chai royally out of this exquisitely hand-painted kettle we lovingly call Rohira. The teapots are hand-painted by artists from rural Rajasthan with motifs and patterns reflecting the unique aesthetic styles of the...
from £39.50
Brass South Indian Filter Coffee Percolator-Matt Finish with Etched Kolam Borders
South Indian Filter Coffee also also known as Filter Kappi or Degree Kaapi is at the heart of a typical south Indian breakfast and the secret to a perfect cuppa filter coffee lies is in the age-old method of drip filtering. Here, the time-honoured...
from £39.50
Hand Painted Chai Kettle - Neelima
Serve you guests Hot Chai in Full Desi style!! These sets are full of character and when not being used to serve tea, will make an awesome show piece on your dining table. Comes in a range of designs. Check out...
from £39.50
Triangle Handcrafted Wooden Spice Box Masala Dabba with Glass Lid & Spoon
This exquisitely handcrafted Sheesham wood spice box made by artisans from Saharanpur, India, comes with 4 removable compartments to store your essential spices and a lift-up transparent lid. Matching wooden spoon included. Alternatively, you could also use this as a trinket box....
Brass South Indian Filter Coffee Davarah & Tumbler Set- Brushed Matt Finish with Etched Kolam Borders
Just as the right wine glass enhances your wine experience, the Davarah & Tumbler  enhances the overall South Indian Filter Kaapi experience. Here, we have the finest quality Brass Davarah & Tumbler set, embellished with etchings inspired by the traditional Kolam of Tamil Nadu, India and elegantly...
from £20.00
Limited time offer
Porcelain Bharni /Jar Set with Indian Motifs — Set of 4
This set of 4 with 2 multi-purpose porcelain bharnis/ jars and complementary salt'n'pepper shakers with a traditional Indian motif print is a just the perfect example of a word we coined. 'Beautility' i.e. a harmonious combination of Beauty and utility. Just the dining table accessory...
£42.50 £39.50
Lord Hanuman sitting in meditative pose
Lord Hanuman Sitting Religious Statue with Gada, Hindu Bahubali God figurine sculpture Rambhakta Monkey God Lord Rama God of StrengthThis idol is cast in a mix of powdered marble and resin (popularly also known as cultured marble) and then finished...
Lord Hanuman in standing pose
Loard Hanuman in all his grandeur. This idol is cast in a mix of powdered marble and resin (popularly also known as cultured marble) and then finished to a high detail by talented artisans who work their magic to lend...
Limited time offer
Handpainted Rajasthani Puppet Couple in Wood and cloth - Assorted designs
Experience the vibrant heritage of Rajasthan, India with our handcrafted Rajasthani Puppet Couple. Made with scrap cloth and wood, this set of 2 dolls will add an authentic touch to your home decor. Each puppet set represents a man and...
£22.50 £20.00
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