India is a land of rich and diverse culture. Indian art and handicrafts reflect this unique DNA in more ways than one. 

Made with Love in India is an initiative to celebrate that very distinct DNA of Brand India and bring Indian crafts to British homes. While tourists coming into India are fortunate to experience the magic of Indian culture and take back a piece of India in the form of a range of Indian handcrafted goods, people outside India are yet to experience what India has to offer.

We work closely with artisans, social enterprises, self-help groups, artisan clusters and small innovative businesses to develop contemporary products even while the essence of the traditional art is not lost in the process. As part of our commitment to shaping ourselves as a Social Enterprise we pay artists upfront and do not engage in bargaining, so they can earn a fair remuneration for their invaluable skills and endeavour to keep the art alive by passing on the skills to the next generation.

In the long run, we intend to shape it up as a for-profit social enterprise, where, in some form, the artisans that we work with are stakeholders and and a sizeable portion of the profits is ploughed back into skills development programs aimed at keeping the art form alive. These are early days but we are confident we will get there. 
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