If you're wondering if we could do bulk custom orders, the answer's a resounding yes.
We'd love to talk to you about bulk orders in the UK for Indian home decor, kitchenware, Indian handicrafts, Indian wedding favours and return gifts, Indian restaurant supplies, art, and more.
If you're a business interested in reselling some of our goods or be an affiliatefeel free to reach out.
We are closely connected to artisan clusters and small scale manufacturers across the length and breadth of India. Be it brass, copper, wood, ceramics, fabrics, art, or any other artefact you associate with India, we can help you source in a time bound manner for your event or business.
As experienced exporters from India and importers into the UK, we know how it's done the right way.

Write to us at or call/WhatsApp us at +44-7587422745.

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